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Spine Rehab

Spine rehabilitation is geared towards patients with lower back pain in primary, secondary, and chronic stages of their management. At Classic Rehabilitation’s physical therapy center, we classify primary spine rehabilitation treatments for patients right after their onset of lower back. Secondary spine rehabilitation treatments are for patients who have completed the primary stage or before the patient returns to functional activity. Lastly, chronic spinal cord rehabilitation treatments begin after the secondary stage or for patients with any chronic disability. At the different stages of treatment, each patient experiences a different level of disability including the inability to even get out of bed. Our physical therapists are trained to promote optimal recovery for each and every patient. An important part of spine rehabilitation is mobility training to prevent atrophy as well as further injury. Additionally, we provide our patients with exercises to practice at any given time.

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By the end of the program we hope that our patients will feel comfortable and confident enough to return to their normal day-to-day activities to the best of their abilities. After completion of the rehabilitation program the counselors give the patients return-to-work, return-to-school, or outpatient services for continuing ideal care. Many individuals reach our clinics at late stages versus early stages of their injury or rehab needs, so variation in successful treatments is a given. Healing and feeling better after an injury or chronic pain is our primary concern.

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