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Here at the Classic Rehabilitation, our mission is to restore lives of our patients to their optimal level of independence and overall wellbeing. We believe that water is one of the most essential building blocks of life, especially considering a large portion of the body is made up of water. For this reason, aquatic therapy has become a successful method for recovery and welfare. We offer aquatic therapy at all of our locations.

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At our three convenient locations we offer state of the art rehabilitation services with comprehensive aquatic therapy, physical therapy, and specialty therapy programs. The team at Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. accomplishes their goals by dedicating themselves to teamwork. Our team at the center consists of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists. Consist of licensed physical therapist and licensed physical therapy assistants

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Our therapeutic staff continuously seeks education and training in order to ensure the best outcomes for their patients. If you are a current or potential patient, contact Classic Rehabilitation today for more information about us. You can also visit us at one of our convenient locations in Arlington or Grand Prairie. We are a full-service physical therapy facility offering aquatics therapy and more.

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Our team at Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. is dedicated to each of our patients.